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VMC India is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute, since 2002 into the field of Education. We believes in imparting practical education to individuals rather than just teach them the curriculum. We are not interested in running parallel education streams instead support the individuals to achieve highest level of self esteem & standard of education and nurture them to be a good citizen of our country. We are committed to educate, train and shape human beings into a valuable individual, who can help in growth of the Nation.

Quality Education

The students are provided quality education material in Self Learning format and in addition to this counselling is provided by well-educated and experienced academic counsellors. One of the great advantages of Distance Learning is that it provides a viable and affordable alternative to conventional mode of education, especially for those, who for several socio-economic, family and geographic constraints, could not get education despite their high motivation and genuine aptitude for studies, and also for those who do not have time for education through conventional mode because of their personal, professional and family obligations.

  • Management

    The Management Programmes are aimed at developing analytical and leadership skills among the prospective managers.

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  • Arts

    The varied nature of Arts Programmes offered through PTU DE is in line with the varied interests of Distance Education students.

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  • IT

    Computer Applications / Information Technology / Computer Science Programmes aim at providing a comprehensive knowledge.

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  • Commerce

    Commerce Education is the predecessor of BusineSK Education and lays the foundation for a successful career.

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At VMC, the courses are designed where students will get qualified without disrupting their current career progression. We help them to get started in life by enhancing their qualification, confidence and capabilities.

Our aim is to provide first grade education and take distance education to the next level.

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Students from our accredited and approved courses can be confident that they hold a Nationally and Internationally recognized award which will open doors for their career.

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